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New Homes in Clemson

About Clemson

The small, quaint college town of Clemson, SC is one of the great places to live in South Carolina. Nestled in the foothills of the Western Upstate, Clemson offers the beautiful, pedestrian-friendly university campus with botanical gardens, historical buildings, world-class athletic facilities and exceptional libraries and entertainment venues. People that live in Clemson and the surrounding areas love sports, entertaining on the picturesque lakes of the area, taking hikes in the nearby foothills and mountains, golfing, fishing, mountain biking, dining, or simply soaking in the beautiful sunsets. The Upstate has it all!

Why choose Clemson?

A Great College Town - The small college town of Clemson, SC is cherished by many as the home of the mighty tigers football team and a great gathering place for college football, but it also serves as a great cultural and economic hub for year-round living. Many families are choosing to relocate to the Clemson area to enjoy the beautiful lakes, attend the good schools and enjoy the diverse dining and cultural activities.

A Beautiful, Walkable Campus - Clemson is a one of the nation’s finest walkable campuses, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain, it offers beautiful gardens, walking paths and scenic views of the surrounding areas.

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