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Live Smart

Most Great Southern Homes incorporate Honeywell’s Lyric, a high-tech home automation system.

Access, Anywhere.

Home Screen

A high resolution touchscreen inside your home allows you to control and automate your security system, heating and cooling systems, door locks-even the shades and lighting! The Lyric family offers heating control, water leak detection and security, all of which can be controlled remotely using the Lyric app. The app uses geofencing technology to know when you're home or away, so you can control your Lyric devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, ensuring your home is just how you like it. Always.

Remote Control

Use your smartphone as a remote for the Lyric system, and control your lighting, locks, thermostat, and shades from almost anywhere!

Save Energy

Lyric can help you create a more energy-intelligent home that saves you money.


Set your thermostats to automatically adjust when you enter or leave your home, saving you money without altering your daily routine.


Automate indoor and outdoor lights according to the time of day, and turn lights on or off from afar using your phone.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can automatically come on when you enter your home, or you can schedule them to come on at a specific time.


Window shades can be opened or closed on a schedule, reducing the need to heat or cool the room and protecting furniture and floors from sun glare.