Moving Day Tips: A Relocation Survival Guide
Published on Mar 15, 2017

Navigating the chaos of work/life schedules can be tough on an average day. When you imagine relocating your family and all of your belongings to a new home, moving day can feel insurmountable.

While moving day will obviously have some stressors beyond your control, there are a number of steps you can take ahead of time to avoid moving day mistakes and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Here are some helpful Moving Day Tips to make your relocation an easy and enjoyable experience.

Research Your Moving Company

Chances are that you will need the assistance of a moving company during your relocation. There are a myriad of local and national moving companies to choose from, however, not all movers are equal.

More than 30 million Americans relocate each year, and almost 30% unknowingly hire disreputable moving companies and end up with horror stories of botched schedules and broken or missing belongings.

Troublesome issues can be avoided with a little research before you choose a moving company. Read online reviews. Ask friends and neighbors who have moved recently. Poll people in the checkout line at the grocery store. Make sure that the company you hire has bonded workers and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. You can even ask potential moving companies for references from their previous clients. And don’t always settle for the least expensive option - sometimes you need to pay for quality.

Prepare A Packing Schedule

A crucial moving day tip is to pack your belongings far ahead of time, and leave nothing for the final day. Beginning the packing process early will allow you to avoid the most common moving day mistakes.

The "I can pack up everything in a day or two" mindset will land you in trouble if you do not start early. To avoid hassles on the final day make sure that you:

  • Have a packing schedule / timeline and adhere to it. No excuses.
  • Start packing as soon as your move is confirmed,
  • Collect all of your packing materials in advance. Running back and forth to the store wastes valuable time and can kill motivation.
  • Ask friends and relatives to help. Extra pairs of hands are always a good thing.
  • If you feel overwhelmed doing this by yourself, call the your movers and inquire about packing options. It may be that they can take care of the tedious portions of packing.

Pack Your Overnight Bag

For your relocation to run smoothly, you want to be confident, organized and prepared for anything. Clean teeth and fresh underwear can help you keep your sanity when moving, especially when moving day doesn’t go according to plans. A key piece of moving day advice is to pack an "overnight bag" or a "survival kit" to carry with you on the day of the move. After a long and a tiring day, you certainly won't feel like unpacking all the boxes at your new home. And if your movers are delayed, you don’t want to be uncomfortable and rushed. At such times, an overnight bag is sure to come handy for you and your family.

Pack items such as toiletries, medicine, a few extra pairs of clothes, some toys if you have kids, and other necessary items which are a part of your daily activities. It may also be wise to include a few other must-haves like phone chargers, a tablet or laptop, scissors and other simple tools, a flashlight, your address book, and other essentials. Also, remember to have some cash on hand, just in case, so you can pay for snacks, drinks and extra supplies. Be prepared!

Using A Moving Day Checklist

Your mover will present you with a "Bill of Lading" before or on the day of your move. This document is a detailed inventory of your items to be loaded and moved. Confirm the items listed and double-check that the document is correct. Be very careful to check the destination address and that your phone numbers are clearly printed on the document. Verify all of the details. Cross-check their estimate sheet against your copy, and inquire about delivery time frame just in case the move takes more time than expected. When you feel confident that everything is accounted for, sign the bill of lading and keep your copies in a safe place.

Supervise moving day from the moment the movers arrive at your new home. Check the list once before leaving your old home and once again as all the items get unloaded at your new place. It is better to be safe than sorry. Call out any delicate items that need careful handling. Feel free to direct traffic when the movers reach your new home. But be reasonable - stay out of the way and let the movers do their jobs. Try to check the inventory the day of arrival so you will know if items have gone missing or are damaged.

Have Patience

Despite excellent planning and valiant attempts to keep everything on schedule, chances are there will be slight delays or some minor crisis moments on the big day. Even when you have followed most of the tips for moving day, there will be events beyond your control. Losing your cool, raising your voice, or getting emotional will not help anyone's day. Keep a level head and be considerate of your family and your movers. Avoid unnecessary stress at all costs. Try to keep the mood light and make moving day a happy memory. For better or worse, this is your first adventure in your new home - the first page in a new chapter of your life.

Always look for the bright side of your relocation. Concentrate on the good things in store for you at your new home and you are sure to be successful in your move. If you are looking for new homes Columbia SC, and in surrounding areas, we invite you to discover new homes for sale at Great Southern Homes. Leaders in GreenSmart Home Technology - Homes for a greener and smarter lifestyle from Great Southern Homes are the ideal energy-efficient homes for you and your family.