Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2017
Published on Apr 03, 2017

This year’s hottest home design trends combine modern lifestyles with cozy spaces that make the most of high-tech innovations. From rich interior details to outdoor space planning, today’s homes are the perfect mix of form and function.

1. Natural Nuances

Ditch the grey paint and synthetic fabrics, it’s time to bring the outdoors in! Today’s home may be modern, but it’s surely not cold and sterile. Stay on top of today’s interior design trends by warming up your walls with woodsy colors like taupe or deep avocado green. Toss chunky, natural throws on relaxed furniture pieces and accent with jewel toned pillows. Swap out those industrial brushed metal appliances and fixtures for bronze or matte finishes. To complete the look, make a few changes underfoot. Terracotta tiles and jute rugs are popular earthy flooring options.

Bonus tip: Cork it! Beautiful and versatile, cork is not only great for floors — try it on walls and tabletops. 

2. Blaze Shifting

Fireplaces are a major home design trend, but that doesn’t mean you must commit to log splitting and cleaning ashes. Many eco-friendly options are available for those who like to cozy by the hearth. A wood pellet insert burns small lumber byproduct logs that produce less contaminants and burn completely for easier clean up. If you use your fireplace for aesthetics more than large room heating, convert to gas and still enjoy the ambiance of real flames. Use non-functioning fireplaces as a design focal point by lighting candles inside or transforming the space as a curio cabinet or bookshelf.

Bonus tip: No screen time. Find another place to hang your flat screen television. Today’s interior design trends are shifting to use the wall above the mantle for family photos or original pieces of art.

3. Smart Parts

Technology is an integral part of modern life. Instead of letting your devices and cords cramp your style, install built-in charging stations into countertops and night stands. Homes are getting “smarter” with digital assistants to help us shop, save energy, and even do laundry. Adding a wireless thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Keep an eye on your house from anywhere with a digital surveillance system. Try Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Echo home assistants, and never forget the milk again.

Bonus tip: Wire up right. Home design trends this year incorporate technology from the initial building stage. Make sure your builder is savvy to the latest trends to accommodate digital lifestyles. 

Latest Home Design Trends

4. Flex Space

Reimagine how you are using your home. Do you need office space, a crafting room, or large kitchen for family gatherings? Even if your home has a traditional floor plan, you can make the most of it. If you work from home, consider a fold-down wall desk. Open space up when not in use by hiding your work area. Dual-duty file cabinets can make for handy organization and attractive plant stands. Old wardrobes can easily be transformed into storage for your latest Pinterest experiment. Create a larger entertaining area by removing a wall between your kitchen and living or dining room.

Bonus tip: Buying a new home? It’s all about lifestyle. Consider how you use your free time, let that guide the process.

5. Healthy Homes

The approach to both interior and exterior home design has shifted focus from external to internal. Home buyers are less concerned with their carbon footprints, and want their house environment to be less toxic. Gain control over your home health by choosing low or zero volatile organic compound (VOC) paints. Select wood furniture instead of particleboard, which can emit toxins. Make sure your home has plenty of natural light areas, or install UV and LED circadian lighting to boost the brightness. Water filters on faucets and shower heads reduce pollutants – don’t forget the ice maker. Outside, consider if your landscape will require toxic fertilizers and pest control methods. Children’s play areas, especially, should be designed to avoid rubber mulches or areas where pesticide will be used heavily.

Bonus tip: Inspect before you buy. Make sure your home inspector looks for contaminants, mold issues, and environmental hazards before you sign on the dotted line.

Today’s trends are all about making your home cozy, stylish and most importantly, usable. If you are looking for new homes for sale in Columbia SC, we invite you to discover the stylish new homes for sale from Great Southern Homes. As a home design trendsetter, Great Southern Homes will help you build the ideal home for you and your family.