Window & Door Trends for 2017
Published on May 02, 2017

Window and door trends for 2017 are making a departure from the traditional. With more options for design and modern integrations, home owners are making dramatic interior and exterior first impressions with window and door treatments. Homeowners are combining design and function to get the ultimate curb appeal.

Creating Transitional Spaces

Doors and windows are no longer a barrier for your home — use them as a bridge. The easiest way to make the most of your space, inside and out, is to make thoughtful design choices. Extend your living areas with wide patio doors that open to the back yard. Create more space out front with screened in porches and windows. Control your space. Break up large areas with sliding walls, which will also allow you to open up your living area for entertaining. Create nooks. Use doors to make instant private work spaces.

Window trends are moving beyond traditional drapery installations. Consider swing arm drapery rods for patio doors or window shutters. Connect with the outdoors with your window treatments. Select window coverings made of bamboo, wood or linen.

Bolder is Better

Doors and windows are getting bigger. Larger door sizes – wider than three feet, higher than seven feet make a bold statement. For color, your front door doesn’t need to stick to the traditional red, black, or white. One of the most recent design trends in windows and doors is using found objects and reclaimed wood for entry ways and window casings to give a unique, rich look. Choose floor to ceiling windows to let in maximum light and give your home an open, welcoming feel. Remodeling? Consider replacing an entire wall with glass, or update older windows with stained glass.

If you choose a colorful rather than natural color palette – go bold. Liven up your space with jewel tones, metallic fabrics, and geometric patterns. Adorn simple window treatments with texture like beads, metal accents and eye-catching tiebacks. Be sure to layer your draperies with sheer and opaque fabrics to allow for both light and privacy.

Contemporary Window & Door Design Trends

Window and door treatments are moving towards modern profiles and unique applications that combine form, function and style. If you are seeking a home with clean lines and geometric angles, your window treatments require gravity-defying solutions. Try this design trend for angled windows - hang narrow draperies with medallions or hooks along the angle of the windows. If you opt for an arched window, let in more light by forgoing the splash curtain and focus on the windows or doors below. Make room for recessed rods or ceiling tracks to hang curtains, especially if you have opted for shutters or doors that open out into the room.

Smart Homes? Smart Windows & Doors, Too!

Many new technology innovations can help you make the most of the light, privacy and temperature controls of your windows and doors. Security features like wireless systems that tell you if windows and doors are locked can give you convenient piece of mind. And unlike traditional security systems, many new wireless systems don’t need to have holes drilled into brand new windows, which is better for energy efficiency. Cordless, automated window treatments are especially important for homes with young children. Keyless entry doors and automated windows are another option for safety and energy efficiency. Open and close windows and doors with the touch of a button. One growing window and door trend is using smart, electrochromic glass that changes the glass from clear to opaque, giving you ultimate control of your light, privacy and temperature. Even between the glass shades can now be controlled via a smart app or remote control.

One Cool Design Trend: Energy Efficiency

The desire to save money on heating and cooling and the demand for sustainable construction methods drives many decisions on window and door treatments. While wood framed windows are usually the best choice, except for rainy climates, vinyl can also be an attractive window treatment solution. Well installed vinyl can be just as attractive and sustainable as wood. Vinyl is becoming an even more appealing option, as it now comes in more colors that in the past. Double-paned windows made with Low-E glass, with a vacuum-sealed argon fill are the most requested type of window for energy efficiency. They are especially important for picture windows that don’t open. Triple-paned windows may be more efficient, but they can reduce visibility and light transfer. As for window treatments, shutters give the best savings on energy costs.

Today’s window and door trends concentrate on allowing your home to be livable, stylish and most importantly, usable. If you are concerned with keeping up with the latest design trends and are looking for new homes for sale in Aiken SC, we invite you to discover the stylish new homes for sale from Great Southern Homes. As a home design trendsetter, Great Southern Homes will help you build the ideal home for you and your family.